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  • What We Do
  • We reacted and acted

We observed and analyzed both the marketplace and the workplace

The entire economy has been speeding up so fast! We wondered! What could we do to deal with fast changing markets, laws and rules, technologies, workforce and customers? There were challenges to resolve: The organization’s missions, purpose, priorities and desired results were not achieved. Critical skills and capabilities (talent, speed, leadership, innovation, service, efficiency, collaboration, learning, accountability, culture) needed across the organization were not properly identified. The organizational performance management, talent and business strategy were outdated. Compliance and worker safety, operational critical issues-quality control, litigation avoidance, workplace quality were not monitored. Trade unions and labor administrations were not well managed to drive to where the business was going. Lots of companies neither made money nor provide value to customers. Even though they made money, they were neither valued nor ranked by both analysts and investors in the public marketplace. Some employees didn’t understand their job expectations. Though they understood it some managers didn’t comply with the most present needs of the business leaders to align the workforce with business goals and help drive where the business was going.

Willing to realize and achieve business Leaders’ expectations, Jean started acquiring skills. He obtained a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and a Master of Employment Law from Paris West Nanterre La Defense University. On one hand, He passed a Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute and got training in investment strategy, sales and marketing from American Top Experts, on the other hand. Jean is both an entrepreneur and an In House Lawyer. He has been working for several years in companies and law firms, in France and USA, as an In house Lawyer.

What we are offering TODAY.

(a) to secure the corporate assets and the interests of his employer/customers/partners.
(b) to save money and time, anticipate risk exposure and  keep high skilled workforce
(c) to achieve corporate strategic projects, preserve and sustain value creation

Our Strategy

Goal: to preserve a valuable position while sustaining value creation
  • Set up a corporate theory
  • Set up a business model
  • Maximize profits
  • Minimize costly mistakes
Our goal: to Secure the corporate assets and its assets.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Labor/Employment Law
  • Litigation/Dispute Resolutions
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal /Business Recommendations
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
Our Goal: Align the workforce to the business objectives,
  • Talent acquisition
  • Onboarding
  • Learning and development
  • Career planning
  • Performance optimization
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation and rewards
Our Goal: To achieve the project’s strategic objectives and benefits by conducting properly the project lifecycle:
  • Starting the project
  • Initiating Organizing and preparing
  • Planning Carrying out the work
  • Executing
  • Taking corrective and preventive actions to control the project’s performance
  • Focusing extensively on identifying risks.
  • Closing the project
  • Making sure that all project’s objectives were met
  • closing
Goal: To invest in big companies while minimizing risks
  • Strategy to buy a wonderful business with an attractive price
  • Strategy to buy stocks and options on sale
  • Strategy to sell stocks and options and make profits

My Bio

Jean is an entrepreneur, In-House Lawyer and PMP. He is fluent in English & French. He specializes in corporate labor law, human resources management and arbitration. He practices in the areas of corporate legal strategy, regulatory compliance and corporate strategy. He has provided advisory services to individuals and corporate clients, in France and USA, for several years but has a long career that encompasses proficiencies in the regulatory compliance, preparation of contracts, negotiations, complex litigation matters, international business law, sustainable development and global trade. Jean’s main missions focus on administrative and social law, extensive legal research, contract management, regulatory compliance and company restructuring. Jean has outstanding and litigation skills. He drafted complaint briefs for the difficult cases, and won litigations directed to the civil courts, the Paris Court of Appeal and Administrative Tribunal of International labor Organization (ATILO). In addition to his cross- cultural communication abilities, Jean is a great negotiator, hard working, business and solution driven. His formal education culminated in the achievements of a master’s degree in social law and human resources management, and a bachelor degree in private law from Paris West Nanterre la Defense University, France. Jean is a team player. He maintains an active philanthropic role within the community through support of educational projects. He is a member of a French Association for In House Lawyers (AFJE). He involved in a sustainable development group to sensitize companies to foster green energy.

   JEAN ( Founder )

Gain Total control of Your Business

If you are a Multinational Company, Medium or Small Company, Attorney, Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Business owner, Manager, Salesperson… no matter what are your needs and wants we’d love to hear from you! Find out how to optimize business goals, engineer compliance with applicable laws and rules, drive out risks exposure, attract talents, inspire and retain workforce, find and build credibility with customers, achieve business projects.


about me

Jean is a French Corporate Lawyer, fluent in both English and French. He is in a partnership with a Limited Liability Company in Washington DC.
Jean has been working for several years in France and USA in companies and a law firm as a Corporate Lawyer. His main responsibilities focus on engineering compliance with both labor law and corporate law, handling litigations as well as resolving disputes. For instance, he handled many litigations directed to the civil courts, the Paris Court of Appeal and the Administrative Tribunal of International Labor Organization. He managed 116 employees to restructure the company. He drafted contracts, complaint briefs, and agreements. He coordinated the company’s attorneys. He approved pleadings drafted by them. He earned and saved time and money for his employers. He decreased employee absenteeism and turnover. He fostered business productivity and employee performance.
Jean is a hard - working, flexible, business and solution driven Corporate Lawyer. He has strong hard skills in corporate law and equity investment, and soft skills in leadership and people management. His objective:
  • (a) to secure the corporate assets and the interests of his employer/customers/partners.
  • (b) to save money and time, anticipate risk exposure and keep high skilled workforce
  • (c) to achieve corporate strategic projects, preserve and sustain value creation
  • Master’s degree in legal studies, Paris West Nanterre La Defense University - France
  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute (PMI) - USA
  • Rule #1 Investing strategy, US Investing Top Experts
  • Online and regulatory compliance, US and International Law Firms
  • Business strategy, Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Business week
  • Human Capital Performance, Bersin by Deloitte
  • “Bristol Who’s Who”, award for moving up the summit of professional accomplishment, 2015
  • “Princeton Global Network”, award for proving professional excellence, 2013
  • “Dupiré & Associés”, award for taking part in labor law University prize, 2010 PUBLICATIONS
    • “Preserve Your Business Relations by Resolving Problems Through Peaceful Means”, Book, 2015,
    • “4 Reasons Why Mediation is Better Than Litigation”, blog post, 2015,
    • "5 Ways to Optimize Employee Performance" blog post, 2014,
    • “6 key Qualities of Great Leaders”, blog post 2014,
    • “Top 6 Qualities of Great Managers”, blog post, 2014,
    • "5 Key Reasons Good Project Managers Should Succeed" blog post, 2014,
Reading legal and financial magazines, Traveling to discover new cultures, Swimming,
Microsoft office, Internet, Ciseron, ThinkorSwim
Member of Project Management Institute-World and France-and French Association for In House Counsels
  • Corporate Legal Strategy
  • corporate strategy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Litigation/Dispute Resolutions
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal /Business Recommendations
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Investing Strategy
  • Private Equity
  • Fraud Prevention and Recovery
  • Budget and Resourcing Planning
  • Influencing Internal and External Stakeholders
  • Leadership and People Management
  • Project Management
  • Legal writing



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